TDM 2.5 | Released August 31, 2023

Key Features

  • User Interface
    • Improved UI Features in Administrator Screens, including
      • Various tables (such as Instructor Management and Certificate Management) can be sorted by column.
      • A list of offerings available for each course has been added to the Course Management screen.
      • Search capability is available for Management screens.
    • Catalog Tile and Search Improvements
      • Searching the catalog will search the name, categories, instructor name, and ID.
      • Course Tiles show the Name, Summary, and Instructor Profile Photos in a cleaner display.
  • Course media settings
    Offering media settings will now be inherited from the parent course unless they are overwritten.
  • Learner Enrollment
    • An email template for notifying learners that they have been enrolled in a managed enrollment course has been added.
    • Offering managers can specify email addresses to send notifications that learners have enrolled in a managed enrollment offering.
    • An email template for notifying specified people that learners have enrolled in a managed enrollment offering has been added.
  • Payment
    Administrators can access payment history to search for payments.

Various bug fixes and updates, including:

  • An issue with dates displaying incorrectly has been resolved.
  • A security patch.
  • The role picker works with over 100 roles with paginated data.
  • Text changes.
  • An update that resulted in changes to the TDM URL.