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It's important that we help institutions drive digital adoption of Learn Ultra. That's why we've created Anthology Adopt. Anthology Adopt allows institutions to create their own in-app messages and digital walkthrough guides in Learn. Institutions can segment these guides to targeted audiences for greater adoption. Anthology Adopt comes with a host of pre-created and defined guides that are updated each month based on each Learn release.

Institutions can analyze users' interactions of the guides. This supports customizations to further support adoption. Anthology Adopt is an additional license for Learn.

Image 1: Guides built in Anthology Adopt

Guides built in Anthology Adopt

Anthology Adopt provides users with different templates to build custom guidance in Learn. Font, colors and buttons are customizable. Users with Anthology Adopt permissions can access the Default Layouts page and create guides.

Image 2: Templates for building guides

Templates for building guides

Anthology Adopt also includes the following:

  • Option to segment pop-up messages to specific audience
  • Ability to analyze the users' interactions of the message prompted
  • Get support from our expert team

For administrators: Only users with a license will be able to create and publish guides in Learn. Institutions can acquire a license under the name of Anthology Adopt by contacting their account team for more information or requesting more information at

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