TDM 2.4 | Released July 18, 2023

Key Features

  • Course creation
    A Create Offering button has been added to the Create Course screen to streamline the Course and Offering creation workflow.
  • Learner Enrollment
    The Offering Manager can create Denied Access Enrollment offerings that will allow learners to enroll in an offering but not access it until an administrator or instructor approves them.
  • Learner Sign In
    Learners with an account can Sign In from the Sign Up peek panel.
  • Payment Codes
    Payment codes can be created to apply to specific courses or specific users.
  • User Interface
    An overlay appears when a user's session has expired.

Various bug fixes, including

  • The Homepage header is now responsive.
  • The User is taken to the Sign In screen after Sign Up validation.

These improvements impact administrators, instructors, and learners.