TDM 2.3 | Released June 6, 2023

Key Features

  • Homepage
    • A toggle allows you to turn the homepage on or off.
    • You can add a heading to the Introduction and Footer sections of the homepage.
    • You can add an unlimited number of links to the Footer section of the homepage.
    • You can configure the homepage in multiple languages.
  • Payment codes (initial release)
    • Administrators can create and update payment codes.
    • Learners can pay for courses with payment codes.
  • Progress tool updates
    • The progress tool contains more explanatory text and a link to help documentation.
    • Each gradable item shows the maximum number of points available.
  • Institutional hierarchy (first release)
    • TDM recognizes whether courses and users are in a node.
    • Users who are in a node can only see courses in the same node.
    • You can select an institutional node template when creating courses and offerings.
  • Payment Gateway
    • TouchNet has been added as a Payment Service Provider.
    • Cybersource has been added as a Payment Service Provider.

Various bug fixes, including

  • Achieved certificates no longer appear on the Obtainable certificates tab.
  • Sign up now works correctly in the Firefox browser.

These improvements impact administrators, instructors, and learners.