TDM 2.2 | Released April 18, 2023

Key Features

  • Progress Tool
    • Instructors can use the new progress tool to define progress in a Blackboard Learn course or directly through an Offering based on grade columns. Grade columns are assigned a percentage value and a minimum grade required for that grade value to count toward progress.

      For example, this course will show as 50% complete when a student has earned at least 5 points on Test 1, 50% complete when the student has earned at least 5 points on Test 2, and 100% complete when both minimum requirements have been met.
    • Learners can view progress in their courses on the dashboard, in a third tab next to Courses and Certificates.
  • The Payment Gateway
    • Future payment service providers and codes will be allowed.
    • Learner payment flow has been improved with a simplified one-page layout that is fully localized and mobile- and tablet-friendly.
    • Administrative configuration under Platform Extensions Manager has been improved so it is easier to enable a payment service provider in the Payment Gateway.
  • Enrollment
    The Learner workflow for enrolling in or purchasing Offerings when Learners are not signed in to TDM has been simplified and now resembles that from TDM v.1.
    • Learners will see an "Enroll Now" or "Buy Now" button whether or not they are signed in to TDM. If Learners click on the button, they are taken through a workflow for either signing in if they have an account or creating an account if they do not.
    • Once they have completed the sign up or sign in process, Learners are returned to the same peek panel where they can now select the "Enroll Now" or "Buy Now" button to enroll in or purchase the course.
  • Reporting
    A Reporting tab has been added to the Administration area that contains a link to launch the TDM Reports Menu.

Various bug fixes, including

  • Upcoming courses are no longer displayed on the Active Courses tab on the Dashboard.
  • Management roles can no longer add the same language more than once to TDM items.
  • Management roles can no longer add TDM items with duplicate IDs.
  • All dates are consistent with Blackboard Learn instances.

These improvements impact administrators, instructors, and learners.