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Watch a video about navigating inside a course

The following narrated video provides a visual and auditory representation of some of the information included on this page. For a detailed description of what is portrayed in the video, open the video on YouTube, navigate to More actions, and select Open transcript.

Video: Navigate Inside a course with the Ultra Experience for Student showcases Ultra's modern, comfortable, and simple interface. The streamlined navigation and workflows are designed to allow you to get in, get done, and get out.


Your course environment

Learn Ultra supports up to three levels of hierarchy for content nesting on the Course Content page. For example, a folder within a folder is two levels. A folder within a folder within a learning module is an example of three levels. Your institution may configure Learn Ultra to add an additional level of content nesting. Ask your instructor whether your institution uses this option.

image of ultra course view with different components highlighted by letters A through D
  1. Navigation bar: Open frequently used tools in one step. Select the Content, Calendar, Announcements, Discussions, Gradebook, and Messages tabs to easily access those tools. 
  2. Details & Actions: View course information and tools with these options:
  3. Course content: All of your course content appears in the main part of the page. When you select a folder or learning module, it will expand to display the content nested in that folder or learning module. When you select an item such as an assignment, document, or link, the content slides out in a panel on top of the Course Content page. Close the panel to navigate back to a previous spot in your course. Progress tracking allows you to keep track of what content you've completed and what you still need to complete.  You can also search for course content by title by using the magnifying glass icon. The icon appears at the center of the right side of the course content page.

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  4. New activity: An activity icon, which resembles a blue speech bubble, appears when new activity occurs in a course conversation for assignments, tests, and documents. The activity icon also appears to indicate new discussions.

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Course Content Title Search

You can search for items by title on the Course Content page. Select the magnifying glass icon located at the top right of the page to expand the icon into a search bar.

Image of main course content page with magnifying glass icon on top right

In the search bar, type a few letters of the keyword related to the item of your search.

Image of course content search bar at top part of course content page

The course search function displays the titles of matched items as you type in letters. Select the item from the list to open the corresponding content.

Image of course content search bar displaying list items that match letters typed in search bar

Select the Show all item results link at the bottom of the list to display a detailed view of all matched items. Select the desired item to view.

To do another search, select the ‘X’ icon inside the search bar to clear your previous entry. You can also delete the search bar contents and type in a different keyword.

Image of detailed list of results from the search

Select the Clear search link near the top left side of the list to clear the detailed list of search results. You'll return to the full Course Content page.

Image of "clear search" option

The search display functions in a different way when the browser is not in full screen.

Course links and web links

Course links

Course links allow you to easily refer to content contained in other sections of your course. For example, your instructor may want you to revisit an earlier reading assignment before a quiz. Instead of having you search through old folders and modules to find this reading, your instructor can create a course link for easy access.

The course link is displayed on the Course Content page with a link icon layered over the top left corner of the target item’s icon.

Detail of Course Content page with blue box and blue callout arrow highlighting course link

Web links

Web links allow you to easily refer to websites contained outside of your Ultra course. For example, your instructor may direct you to an external dictionary or thesaurus to use during a writing assignment. 

When creating web links, your instructor can choose whether the linked content opens in another window in your browser or in a panel in Learn. 

A web link appears on the Course Content page with a link icon next to the display name.

Detail of Course Content page with blue box and blue callout arrow highlighting web link

Some content won't display on a panel in the Ultra course. A banner appears warning you that some content may not be displayed unless opened in a new window. You can choose to open the content in a new window or close the banner.

 Image of an external website opened in a panel in the Ultra course. A banner appears warning the student that some content may not be displayed unless opened in a new window.