Export and archive your course

User created export and archive packages will expire and auto-delete 30 days after the creation date. You will be notified of the expiration when they create, download, and in the course package list view for the course.

You can export your course content for use in the future. This content is included in an export/archive package:

  • Course content
  • Rubrics associated to assignments
  • Calendar events, including office hours and course schedule
  • Discussions
  • Gradebook settings
  • Manual gradebook items
  • Goals alignments
  • Attendance for archives only
  • Course announcements

On the Course Content page, open the menu on the right side above the content list. Select Export Course Package.

The system asks if you want to include student activity data in your export, which is an archive. Student activity data includes assignment submissions, grades, attendance data, and discussion posts. Select Yes if you want to include the student enrollment and student data. Select No if you only want to copy the content without the student enrollment and data.

Even if you choose to include student enrollment and data, that information isn't added to another Ultra course if you choose to import the content. Administrators can restore an archive package and all student enrollment and data will be intact.

When the export or archive package is ready, the ZIP file appears. Select the file name to download the package to your computer.

Export and archive packages are downloaded as compressed ZIP files and are imported or restored in the same format. Don't unzip a package or delete files from the package, as then the contents can't be imported correctly.

Share course material

If you want to share your course content with other instructors, you can send them the ZIP file. Instructors can import the ZIP file into one of their courses or an administrator can restore an archive package. All content is hidden from students so that you or another instructor can set visibility.

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