You can allow students to submit more than one attempt for an assignment.

Multiple attempts can help students stay on track, raise the quality of assignments, and ultimately improve student success and retention. Students can submit drafts and earn credit on improvements. Inform students which assignments allow multiple attempts, and what the expectations and grading policies are for each attempt.

Example: Research Paper Assignments

In one assignment with four attempts, a student can submit file attachments for these items:

  1. Outline
  2. Bibliography
  3. Rough draft
  4. Final paper

You can provide feedback at each stage. You can assign grades as each attempt is submitted but only use the grade for the final paper as the assignment's grade.

Alternatively, if you want to provide four grades—one for each portion of the research paper process—you can create separate assignments for each. Next, set up a calculated column in the Grade Center. Add the points for each assignment to produce a final score for the research paper.

You can also allow groups to submit their assignments more than once, and receive feedback and a grade for each submission.

Multiple attempts options

When you create an assignment, expand the Submission Details section. Select how many attempts to allow and which score to use in the Grade Center.

For example, if you allow three attempts, you can select one of these scores:

  • Last Graded Attempt—the default
  • Highest Grade
  • Lowest Grade
  • First Graded Attempt
  • Average of Graded Attempts

The Grade Assignment page

  1. On the Grade Assignment page, the number of attempts submitted appears next to a student's name.
  2. Students can view the attempt used for the final score, such as last graded attempt or the average of all graded attempts.
  3. Select the Attempt menu to view other attempts.

After you select an attempt, type a grade and feedback, and submit.

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Allow additional attempts

If a student has submitted the maximum number of attempts for an assignment, you can allow an additional attempt.

In the Grade Center, access a cell's menu and select View Grade Details. The Grade Details page appears.

Allow Additional Attempt only appears if a student has already submitted the maximum number of attempts allowed for that assignment. You can continue to offer opportunities to resubmit attempts each time a student reaches the maximum number. You don't have to grade previous attempts to allow a student to submit again.

When an assignment is in an anonymous state, you can still grant a student an additional attempt. You can view student names, but not their submissions or how many attempts are left. Your request is ignored if attempts remain.

Alternatively, select Ignore Attempt to ignore the attempt's score in grade calculations and not count it against the maximum number of attempts.