Administrators and instructors can run reports from the Tools menu.

Run a report

  1. Select Tools.
  2. Select My Reports-v2 to launch the reports screen.
  3. Select the name of the report you want to run. (You will only see reports that you have the correct permissions to run.) The run report window launches in a new tab.
  4. Fill in the appropriate fields for the report you want to run. These fields determine which records will be pulled for the report.
  5. Choose a Data Source from the available data sources.
  6. Choose the type of Output you want to create your report in (choosing display will show a report on your screen that you will be able to print).
  7. Select Run Report.

Save Report Parameters

You can save your report parameters if you frequently run a report with the same parameters or want to share a set of report parameters with others.

  1. Fill out the appropriate fields for the report you want to run.
  2. Select Save Parameters.
  3. Give your saved set of parameters a Name.
  4. Enter an optional Description.
  5. Select the Shared checkbox if you want to share the saved parameter set.
  6. Select Save Parameters.

Now, when you are on the Run Report screen, you can select the Saved Parameters to run your report.