Grades Journey includes the option to create one or more fully automated extracts that do not require approval for grades to be included in the extract. Different criteria, schedules, and delivery locations can be configured. An "APPROVAL_WORKFLOW" extract will always be present and includes the settings for the standard approval workflow.

Access the Grades Journey configuration settings

  1. Sign in to Blackboard Learn with a user account with system admin privileges.
  2. Access the Admin Panel.
  3. Select Platform Extensions under Cloud Management.
  4. Choose Edit Settings from the Grade Export v2 menu.


Grades Journey configuration settings
CreateCreate a new Gradebook extract configuration.
Extract Process NameThe name of the Gradebook extract configuration created or the default Grades Journey.
DescriptionA description of the extraction configuration.
TypeEither APPROVAL_WORKFLOW or GRADEBOOK_EXTRACT. APPROVAL_WORKFLOW will always exist, and one or more GRADEBOOK_EXTRACT can be created.
EnabledIndicates whether the Configuration is enabled to run on a configured schedule. GRADEBOOK_EXTRACT configurations are enabled under the Edit area, and the APPROVAL_WORKFLOW configuration is enabled under the Configure area.
Last EventThe last time the extract process ran; only applies to GRADEBOOK_EXTRACT type configurations.
ConfigureA link to set up the configuration schedule, column mapping, and other settings.
EditA link to edit the process name, description, and whether the configuration is enabled to run on a schedule.
DeleteSelect to delete the Gradebook extract configuration.
RunSelect to initiate a manual run of the gradebook extract based on the configured settings (the extract instance must be enabled to run).

Create a new Gradebook extract configuration

  1. Click the Create button.
  2. Enter a Process Name for your extract.
  3. Enter a short Description for your extract.
  4. Select the Enabled toggle if you want the extract to run on a configured schedule.
    We recommend that you leave this disabled while you are creating the process and enable it after the configuration is complete.
  5. Click Submit to save.

Configuration Options

  1. Configure the APPROVAL_WORKFLOW.
  2. Configure a GRADEBOOK_EXTRACT.
  3. Configure the Incoming Settings.
  4. Configure the Notification Settings.

Admin Tools

Select the Admin Tools tab to access administrative tools to manage the Grades Journey extension.