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    Follow Other Users

    Find profiles

    You can find and interact with anyone who has made a profile. If prompted, you must accept the terms of service and provide an email address before you can view profiles for the first time. You can find profiles in these places:

    • From your course: Find out who is also enrolled in your course or organization in the roster and in class contributions to blogs, journals, discussions, and wikis.
    • From the People and Spaces pages in My Blackboard

    When you point to a user's profile picture, a preview appears.

    • If you have the basic profile, the preview includes a user's name, profile picture, the field of study, and a portion of the user's description.
    • If you have the enhanced profile, the preview includes a user's name, profile picture, institution name, graduation date, and the top eight tiles.

    Select View Profile to see the full profile and interact with the owner. To report inappropriate content in the profile, select the flag icon.

    You can't view hidden or private profiles if you aren't enrolled in the same course or organization as the user.

    Follow users

    If your institution makes the enhanced profiles feature available, you can follow, block, or message users from their profile cards. If you select Follow on a user's profile, their posts and comments are aggregated on your Posts page in My Blackboard. The People page in My Blackboard displays follower requests, who is currently following you, and who you're following.

    Posts on your profile

    Use your Posts page to update and have conversations with those who follow you. Select Posts in the list following your avatar to open the page.

    • In the Share Something box, type a message and select Post.
    • To comment on a user's post or reply to a comment, hover over it and select Comment.
    • To edit one of your own posts or comments, hover over it and select Edit. The label EDITED appears to show this information:
      • The post or comment has been edited from its original state
      • When the most recent edit occurred