The ScreenSteps filter was developed to integrate with hosted Web sites provided to ScreenSteps clients. The filter will display spaces, manuals, buckets and lessons from the site inline wherever the filtered string is found. This is useful for rapidly developing step-by-step how-to instructions to include within a user's course.

Enable the ScreenSteps filter

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Manage filters

  1. From Site Administration select Plugins, Filter, andManage Filters.
  2. Select On from the Active list next to the ScreenSteps filter.
  3. Select the Settings for the ScreenSteps filter.
  4. Complete these ScreenSteps settings:
    • URL: The URL to your ScreenSteps instance without the http:// or the trailing / ex:
    • User Name: A ScreenSteps account with access to view all the ScreenSteps you want to link to, usually an administrative account.
    • Password: Password for the account on the ScreenSteps site.
  5. Select Save Changes when finished.