The Quickmail block enhances the existing communication systems of messaging (one user) and subscribed forums (all subscribers) by allowing teachers to select customized sets of students.

Configure Quickmail

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Blocks > Quickmail.

  1. From Site Administration select Plugins, Blocks, and Quickmail.
  2. Select from the following:
    • Allow students to use Quickmail: Select Yes from the drop-down to allow students to use Quickmail.
    • Roles to filter by: Select the role(s) available to filter by when creating a message.
    • Add Breadcrumbs to Message Body: Select to add breadcrumbs links to the site and course at the top of every Quickmail message.
    • Receive a copy: If set to Yes, the creator receives a copy of the email.
    • Prepend Course name: To attach the shortname of the course to the subject line of the email select Short name from the drop-down menu, alternatively the course ID number can be used.
    • FERPA Mode: Use this setting to define how the Quickmail block behaves when groups are used in a course.
  3. Select Save changes when you are finished.