This information applies only to the Original Course View. Your institution controls which tools are available.

After you create content and link to files stored in Course Files, you can verify that the links are still valid with the Check Course Links tool. For example, if you delete a linked file from Course Files and run the tool, the broken link is listed.

You can run this tool on a regular basis to check the validity of your links in your course content. After you copy, restore, or import a course, you can run the tool to be sure everything is linked as you expect. Users with access to items in Course Files can move and delete items, or edit the permissions on an item. These actions may impact the validity of linked items in your course.

When you link to a file in Course Files, all course users are given read permission to the file. When you check links, the only permission that is verified is read permission for all course users.

Tool availability

Your institution must make the Check Course Links tool available.

The tool appears in the Packages and Utilities section of the Control Panel. You can restrict availability to the tool in the same way that you can restrict availability to other tools.

More on tool availability

Which parts of my course are checked?

The Check Course Links tool detects broken links for these areas:

  • Content areas
  • Learning modules
  • Lesson plans
  • Folders
  • Announcements, calendar events, and tasks
  • Discussion board, journals, and blogs

Not checked: Links to Course Files items in tests-including surveys and question pools.

Check the links

Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Check Course Links

  1. On the Broken Links page, select OK to start the tool. This operation may take a few minutes to run. The length of the process depends on the number of links in your course.
  2. After the tool runs, the page displays links that point to deleted files or those with broken paths.
  3. For more information, access an item's menu and select Details.