This information applies only to the Original experience.

This section provides information about common issues that may occur when they are creating, editing, and deploying Language Packs within Blackboard Learn.

Broken links to documentation resources

After updating or changing a Language Pack, users can't access Blackboard Help from Learn. They instead are taken to the Help Page Not Found page and see the following message:

Sorry, but we couldn't find the page or document you're looking for.

This indicates that the existing links to the documentation were broken when the Language Pack was updated.

Open the custom Language Pack and verify that the links in the Locale Bundles are pointing to the appropriate material.

Page display issues

Some portal pages and the System Admin panel may experience some problems in the display of their content. The following error message may be received:

Can't parse argument number module_title

This problem is most often encountered after an upgrade. The solution is to apply the modifications that are outlined in the bundle_diff.txt file that accompanies the upgrade. After the initial upgrade process is complete, make sure to bring the custom Language Pack up-to-date with the current version.

Open and review the bundle_diff.txt file and update the custom Language Pack accordingly.


After you edit a theme, make sure you set it as the default.

Take care when editing the CSS file for a theme. Use a text editor that validates CSS as you edit.

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