The language pack editor allows the user to select and edit one locale bundle at a time. A locale bundle is a file that consists of a set of related text strings. For example, the file includes text strings related to the announcements feature. When a locale bundle is opened in the language pack editor, the original text appears alongside the editable text. The original text remains on the page as a reference once the text string is translated, so users may always refer back to it.

Different global regions have different calendar conventions, including which day displays as the first day of the week. The calendar displays the most common convention for the first day of the week based on a user's selected language. Administrators can customize the first day of the week for their language pack if they choose.

Enable and manage a language pack

Languages are automatically set as unavailable at the system level. You can change availability through the language pack's menu.

  1. Select Language Packs on the Administrator Panel. In older versions, Language Packs is under Tools and Utilities.
  2. Select Manage in the language pack's menu.
  3. To make this language pack available for use in your Blackboard Learn environment, select Available.
  4. Set Language Pack Availability for courses, organizations, users. When you make a language available as a user language, students and instructors can choose this user interface language if they prefer. If they don't choose a specific language, their interface uses the system default language.
  5. To make the user interface text appear in this language for all users by default, select Default.
  6. Select or create an Ultra locale if you want to customize strings in the Ultra experience.
  7. Select the default calendar format for this language pack.
  8. Select Submit.