Point out future events

The Upcoming Events app automatically pulls events from a site calendar and adds them to your homepage. Connecting to an existing calendar saves you time because this app pulls those events for you. Use this for event reminders for classes, schools, or districts. Use this along with the Calendar app to provide the most information with quick accessibility.


Add the Upcoming Events app

Drag the Events app onto your page.

Items marked with a red asterisk are required

Select the purple arrow to expand the panel, giving you more room to work!

You aren't creating any calendar events in this app. You're simply adding this app to display upcoming events that appear on the calendar which you associate to the app.

  1. Type the App Name and type the description. If you'd like the title to remain Upcoming Events, don't change the name.
  2. Select Show the app name on my page.
  3. Select the Calendar from which to pull upcoming events.
  4. Select Number of days in the future to include and Maximum number of events to display.
  5. Select Save Options.

Display properties

  • The app displays events from the calendar to which it's associated.
  • The app is associated with a single calendar in the same workspace. It only displays the upcoming events for that particular calendar for the time period specified.
  • The app displays all events of the associated calendar, including events pushed to that calendar from other calendars.
  • If you choose the option to Force this event to display in Upcoming Events from today until the event occurs, the associated Upcoming Event app always displays that event. However, when an event is pushed from another calendar, the app ignores this option.


Upcoming events user guide