Reports are available for the Original Course View. For Ultra Course View reporting, it is strongly advised to use Anthology Illuminate instead.

Blackboard Learn provides several reports to help you monitor user activity associated with courses. You can also view reports to see which course items are aligned with specific course standards or objectives. At this time, you cannot install custom reports in a SaaS deployment, and the interface has been removed from the UI.

Reports show the first 100,000 results.

The Event Tracking option must be set to Yes on the Setting Auto-Reporting Options page before Blackboard Learn can record course statistics.

  1. On the Administrator Panel in the Courses section, select Courses.
  2. Search for a course.
  3. Open the course's menu and select Reports.
  4. Open a report's menu and select Run.

    The Report Information section is read-only.

  5. In the Select Format list, select a format for the report results:
    • PDF: Select PDF to save the report in a PDF file on your computer. This is the default format.
    • HTML: Select HTML to view the report in your browser.
    • Excel: Select Excel to save the report in a Microsoft® Excel® file on your computer. This format does not include charts.
    • Word: Select Word to save the report in a Microsoft® Word file on your computer.
  6. Define the time period you are running the report for. Type the Start Date and End Date directly into the boxes or select the calendar icon to select the dates from the calendar. Dates must be in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy
  7. To report on data for all users, don't select in the Select Users box. To limit the report to specific users, select one or more usernames.

    For Windows, to select multiple items in a list, press the SHIFT key and select the first and last items. To select items out of sequence, press the CTRL key and select each item needed. For Macs, press the COMMAND key instead of the CTRL key.

    After you check the Select Users box, you can't clear the selection. Select all users to run the report on data for all users.

  8. Select Submit.


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