See what your students see. Get the Blackboard mobile apps.

Anyone can download and install the Blackboard app or Blackboard Instructor on a mobile device. However, you can only access your Blackboard Learn courses if your school has enabled mobile access. You can search for your school on the login screen in the apps. If you are still unsure if your school has mobile capabilities, ask your school's Blackboard administrator.

Install the Blackboard mobile apps and tour your courses.

Blackboard Instructor app

Get the Blackboard Instructor app to view course content, grade assignments, connect with students in discussions, and send announcements.

Blackboard Instructor shows only the courses where you're enrolled as an instructor, TA, course builder, or other custom role.

Get Blackboard Instructor

Blackboard app for students

You can preview content in Blackboard Instructor, but for the full student experience it's helpful to see your content as a mock student in the Blackboard app for students.

The Blackboard app shows only the courses where you're enrolled as a student.

Get the Blackboard app

After you install the Blackboard app, set up a mock student.

  1. Create a mock student account or obtain one from your school's Blackboard administrator.
  2. Enroll the mock student in your courses.
  3. Log in to the Blackboard app as your mock student, not with your instructor credentials.

A mock student's grades will be included in Original course grade calculations unless you exempt the grade or clear the attempt. For Ultra courses, a mock student's grades will be included in course calculations unless you delete the grades.


After you log in to one of the mobile apps, you can compare your courses in the app to a desktop web browser. Make adjustments to your course to maximize the mobile experience.