This information applies only to the Original experience. Your institution controls which tools are available.

Your institution controls which modules appear on the My Institution tab and may rename the tab.

Modules contain information about what's happening in your courses, and you may be able to access commonly used tools. Examples of modules include My Announcements, What's New, and Calculator. You may be allowed to minimize or remove modules, but your institution can require some modules to appear. You may also be allowed to edit the settings for some modules.

Modules can appear on the My Institution tab or on course module pages you add to courses, such as the Home Page.

The system generates the information in each module. You can't add your own content to module pages.

My Institution tab modules

Modules on the My Institution tab collect information from all your courses to give you a total picture of news and activity for your courses.

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The What's New and To Do modules

The What's New module reports on additions and changes to course content. The module displays the number of new items for each content type and provides links to them in your courses. The module shows items within the last seven days.

These content types are reported in the module:

  • Tests and surveys
  • Assignments
  • Blogs
  • Content
  • Discussion posts
  • Course messages

The What's New module reports changes once a day. You can see what has changed the first time you log in for the day. Changes made after you log in don't appear in the module until the next day unless you select Refresh in the Actions menu.

To Do module

The To Do module provides a chronological listing of upcoming due dates. This module is divided into What's Past Due and What's Due.

The To Do module isn't the same as the tasks tool.

Two other modules you might add are the Alerts and Needs Attention modules. These modules are for your use only and contain no information for students.

Notification settings and actions

You can edit your notification settings to control which events you're notified about and how the notifications are delivered. Some modules contain an Actions menu with options to expand, collapse, or dismiss the notifications in that module.

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Add and remove modules

You may be allowed to add modules to the My Institution tab or another tab that contains modules.

  1. Select Add Module.
  2. On the Add Module page, select the modules you want to appear on the tab. You can search by keyword or browse by category to find modules. Your institution can disable options.
  3. Select Add to place the module on the tab.

To remove a module, select the Close icon located at the top of each module. In the pop-up window, select OK. When you close a module, the module isn't permanently deleted. You can restore closed modules with the Add Module function. Modules that don't have a Close icon are required to appear.

Manage module content

To edit information, select the Manage icon located at the top of each module.

Minimize a module

To minimize a module, select the Collapse icon located at the top of each module. To maximize a module, select the Expand icon located at the top of each module.

Open a module in a new window

To open a module in a separate window, select the Open in a new window icon located at the top of each module. If the icon doesn't appear, the option isn't available for that module.

Customize module layout

Use the drag-and-drop function or the keyboard accessible reordering tool to reorder the modules.

Drag-and-drop function

Press and drag the header of a module to move it to a new location. The module is surrounded by a dashed line as you move it. Release the module to place it in its new location.

Keyboard accessible reordering

You can use an accessible tool to reorder items.

Select one of the modules. Use the Move Up and Move Down icons to move the module to a new position in a column list. Use the Move Left and Move Right icons to move a module between columns.

Personalize the page

You may be allowed to personalize a tab that contains modules. Select Personalize Page. On the Personalize page, select a color scheme from the Color Palette Library.

Course module pages

By default, your Original course includes a Home Page on the course menu. The Home Page is a course module page. You can rename or delete this page, and create other course module pages. You also choose which modules appear.

Course module pages contain details about new content and due dates for the course you're in.

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