The Student Summary Report provides detailed and actionable information about a single student across all their courses. 

Some terminology used within the report can be expanded in our Glossary.


Data Source: Blackboard Learn.

Use Controls

In contrast to other reports, this one isn't pre-filtered; it's set up for you to create a student-focused report. You just need to select the filters to specify the particular student you want to review and the specific timeframe activity. 

You can choose to view the student's activity using:

  • Show Activity within filter allows you to: 
    • See all student activity
    • Open the possibility of choosing a specific date range

      When you select a specific date range, that timeframe only applies to visualizations marked with this icon: 🗓️

    • See only activity within the current terms set by your institution. This uses the start and end date of a term that today's date sits between.
    • See only the last 3 weeks, which uses the current date as the end date and a calculated 3-week lag for the start date.
  • or,
  • Show Courses within Terms filter lists only the terms associated with courses the specific student is enrolled in. This would filter all visualizations to include only data from courses in the selected term(s).

Get a more detailed description of each control in our Reporting Glossary Controls Section.

Overview tab

Summarizes the overall student activity over time. Use the filters above to display all student’s activity or within a specific date range. 

Some of the key data points in this tab: 

  • Time in courses compared to peers
  • Type of accommodations
  • Alternative Formats usage
  • Submissions status in all courses

Notes for this tab:

  • Send an email: you can use the email link on the Student Email row (in the Student Information table) to email a student. Once you select the email link, you'll be redirected to your predetermined email configuration.
  • In the heatmap about access frequency:
    • See the total number of accesses throughout the timeframe you've selected and for each day of the week in two-hour increments.
    • Darker blue shades indicate greater activity during that timeframe, using the institution's time zone.
    • When a day is missing, it means no student activity in the LMS.


Engagement and Performance tab

Identify how the student engages with courses and how performance on grades correlates with the type of activity. Student engagement and performance compared to peers are based only on courses the student is enrolled in and has in common with their peers. 

Some of the key data points in this tab: 

  • Participation rate compared to peers
  • Level of engagement (item accesses) compared to peers
  • Timeliness in completing assessments
  • Activity and performance (grades) in each course compared to peers
  • Detailed progress per course and per assessment
Notes for this tab:
  • Assessments include anything that needs grading and has a due date: assignments, tests, surveys, or even discussions, blogs, and journals.
  • In the last table about How's the student engagement and performance per course:
    • Assessment progress is measured by the percentage of assessments with submissions vs. the assessment total count.
    • The table top displays columns' totals: a sum when the column shows absolute numbers and an average when the column shows percentages.
    • Student’s time spent in course, total submissions, and total interactions metrics are based on quartiles. Quartiles can be identified by:  
Quartile Icons Tables
  • X: first quartile
  • I: second quartile
  • II: third quartile
  • III: fourth quartile


Activity Log tab

Provides a detailed view of the student’s granular activity within a specific timeframe, including course and activity type (such as submissions), allowing you to identify patterns and identify changes over time and troubleshoot issues. 

Some of the key data points in this tab: 

  • Activity by event type (accesses, submissions, clicks)
  • Activity over time
  • Activity log
Note for this tab:
  • Event Type Filter: in this tab you can choose to display data only related to one event type: 
    • Course access
    • Item access
    • Login
    • Logout
    • Submission
    • Total Access
    • Ultra click