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We have compiled a list of updated URLs for the most visited Web Community Manager help topics for students. 

Top Topics and URLs
Subject Description/Link Included topics
Register and Sign In Registering and signing in to you school's website Topics include registering on your school's site, signing in to the site,  resetting your password, and setting up e-alerts for the site.
Dashboard Making the most of your dashboard Topics include viewing your dashboard, managing your profile, viewing your activity stream, setting up passkeys, and accessing help.
Navigation Finding your way around the website Topics include website layout, selecting your school, searching the site, and navigation information.
Activity stream Getting the most from your activity stream Topics include accessing your activity stream, the layout of your activity stream, managing your activity stream, and managing subscriptions.
Accessibility Accessibility in WCM Topics include Blackboard's accessibility standards, screen reader tips, keyboard navigation, and accessibility in Web Community Manager.
Alternative formats  Information on Alternative Formats within WCM Topics include Blackboard Ally information, finding available alternative formats, and information on audio, electronic braille, ePub, semantic HTML, OCR PDF, tagged PDF, and translated version alternative formats.


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