Here is everything you need to know about the Blackboard Open LMS 3.0 release.

Release schedule

Upgrade to Moodle core 3.0.4

Recommended minimum browser: recent Google Chrome, recent Mozilla Firefox, Safari 6, Internet Explorer 9 (IE 10 required for drag and drop of files from outside the browser into Moodle).

Moodle new features

The following are the features that are new or updated in this release. For a detailed description of each of these new features, including links to video tutorials, please see thes following:

Official Moodle 3.0 New Features guide (may be available in English only)

YouTubeTM video overviews of Moodle 3.0 (may be available in English only)

Moodle mobile improvements

Moodle added support to the Moodle Mobile app for these Moodle activities:

  • Chat
  • Choice
  • Survey
  • Quiz

New question types

Moodle incorporated several Open University question types into the core product. These are the new question types:

  • Select Missing words - enabled by default for all sites
  • Drag and Drop into Text - enabled by default for all sites
  • Drag and drop images - enabled by default for all sites
  • Drag and drop markers - enabled by default for all sites

Accessibility improvements

Moodle improved the accessibility of the product by updating the expand collapse menus in the navigation and administration blocks to be screen reader friendly, added support for JAWS reading of MathJax equations and improved the accessibility of creating rubrics in the advanced grading screens.

More on the Moodle 3.0 Release Notes on the Moodle website (may be available in English only)

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Important Moodle clarifications

Quiz is part of Moodle mobile in the Blackboard Open LMS 3.0 release because of the additional mobile features plugin that needs to be enabled. This plugin will be enabled for you as part of the Blackboard Open LMS 3.0 release. You still need to configure Moodle Mobile's web services and register your site with in order for the Moodle Mobile app to work with your site.

Blackboard Open LMS updates

Snap improvements

  • Added the ability to mark courses as "Favorites" in the Personal Menu.
  • Snap now prioritizes Favorite and Available courses in the Personal Menu listing.
  • The Personal Menu has been optimized for small screen devices.
  • The Personal Menu now limits historical data for Forums, Messages, Grading and Feedback to 12 weeks.
  • Snap can now open the Personal Menu immediately after login. You toggle this behavior through a Snap site-wide setting.
  • The Logout Button has been moved to the top of the Personal Menu.
  • The Snap Table of Contents has been removed from all course formats except Topics and Weeks.

For the best experience Blackboard Open LMS recommends using the topics or weeks course formats with the Snap theme.

More on Snap

Collaborate with the Ultra experience integration feature improvements

  • Teachers can now see a guest link in the activity. They can share this link with guests they would like to attend the session.
  • Recording downloads can be made available for all Collaborate with the Ultra experience session recordings. You may request this functionality through a ticket in Behind the Blackboard (available in English only).
  • Your preferred language is now passed by default from Moodle to Collaborate.

More on Blackboard Collaborate

Mahara 15.10 Upgrade

Mahara is included in all Blackboard Open LMS contracts and you only pay for the storage that is used by the Mahara site. If you would like to try out Mahara, please request that it be enabled with a ticket on Behind the Blackboard (available in English only).

  • Responsive theme: There are now five new responsive themes that you can choose from. These themes will now respond intelligently to the size of the user's screen and make the blocks and content more readable.
  • Official Mahara Partner:  As a partner we will work with the Mahara group to resolve any reported issues. If you are looking to get your voice heard and want to improve Mahara, we can also connect you with the Mahara group.

More on Mahara 15.10.0 Release Notes on the Mahara website

More on Mahara 15.10.1 Release Notes on the Mahara website

More on Mahara 15.10.2 Release Notes on the Mahara website

More on Mahara 15.10.3 Release Notes on the Mahara website

Plugin reviews and updates

The plugins listed below will only be made available on your site by request. Updated versions of plugins you are already using do not need to be requested; you will automatically receive the update.

New plugins

  • All-or-Nothing Multiple Choice Question Type (2016012300)
    • Enabled by default for all sites.
  • Checklist Block (2015102300)
  • Checklist Module (2016031400)
  • Checklist Grade Export (2015080500)
  • Grid Course Format (2015112104)

    The Grid Course Format hasn't been optimized for use with the Snap theme.

  • IMS Caliper Logstore (2016061500)*
  • Panopto® Editor Buttons for TinyMCE & Atto
  • Tin Can Launch Link (2016052300)
  • xAPI Logstore (2016012900)

Updated plugins

  • Adobe® Connect (2015111000)
  • Attendance block (2016031501) and module (2016050900)
  • Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring (2015101900)
  • Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing (2016012000)
  • Blackboard IM (2016012201)
  • Biometric Signature-IDTM (2016050400)
  • Campus Pack Connector (2016031713)
  • Certificate (2015111601)
  • Collapsed Topics (2015103005)
  • Course Merchant (2016052000)
  • Drag-and-Drop Matching Question (2016012300)
  • EvaluationKIT® (2015112700)
  • Grade Me block (2015102400)
  • Hotpot module (2016042088)
  • i>clicker® (2016050200)
  • Journal (2015120401)
  • Kaltura® (2016040530)
  • Luminis® Message Broker (2016042800)
  • Macmillan (2012082500)
  • Microsoft Office 365TM (2015111909)*
  • Moodle Mobile additional features (2015111110)
  • NLN (2016040800)
  • Oauth2 (2015110600)
    • Works with GoogleTM plus authentication
  • OU Edit Dates Report (2015121500)
  • OU Wiki (2015101500)
  • Panapto® (2016020901)
  • Panapto Editor Plug-ins: TinyMCE (2015091100) & Atto (2014091500)*
  • Pearson MyLab Mastering (2016051800)
  • Pearson Custom (2015120800)
  • Progress Bar (2016060500)
  • Questionnaire (2015102801)
  • Respondus® 4.0 Web Services, LockDown Browser®, and StudyMate® Class (2016051300)
  • Talis Aspire (TARL) (2016061400)*
  • Turning Technologies® (2016060600)
  • Turnitin® Moodle Direct V1 (2016030101)
  • Turnitin Moodle Direct V2 (2016011105)
  • Turnitin plagiarism plugin (2016011105)
  • Urkund plagiarism plugin (2015122900)
  • VeriCite® (2016021900)

Bug fixes and minor enhancements

  • Advanced Forums
    • Validation of max points was added when rating is used as grade type
  • Checklist Advanced Grading Method
    • Checklist no longer wraps when description contains left-aligned tables
    • Fixed an issue where Advanced Forums Posts Counts included posts that were private to other users*
  • Common Cartridge
    • IMS CC import now handles custom parameters in basic lti links
  • Conduit
    • Conduit web services no longer returns success when none of the mappings are correct
  • Course Converter
    • Quizzes imported from ANGEL now have the correct maximum grade
  • Joule Gradebook
    • Columns no longer become misaligned when using the built-in browser search
    • Message to Grade Range no longer wraps ranges and no longer causes sliders to display incorrectly
    • Add Recipient dialog displays properly in second attempt when trying to add another Recipient
  • Joule Grader
    • Mapping outcomes to criterion and grading in Joule Grader now displays correctly in Outcome reports
    • Joule grader now respects assignment extensions*
  • Joule Reports
    • Users are no longer allowed to send blank messages through Joule reports screen
    • Saved queries no longer allow blank names
    • Send message modal of Joule Reports is now properly titled
  • Moodle Core
    • Backport of MDL-53252 - No need to call grade_regrade_final_grades from update_raw_grade and update_final_grade in some cases*
    • Backport of MDL-53301 - auto_update_weights calls update() even if there is no aggregationcoef2 change*
    • Backport of MDL-54785 - File System Repository silently obeys maximum file size*
  • Personalized Learning Designer (PLD)
    • Fixed an issue with rules not firing when using Before and Plus X days
    • Broken PLD group rules no longer cause quiz submissions to fail
  • Snap
    • The "Edit Quiz" area now displays correctly using Landscape orientation on a mobile device
    • Personal Menu now fully loads in iPhone Safari when using private mode
    • Page formatting no longer gets corrupted when importing book chapters using the Snap theme
    • Activity settings no longer overlap TinyMCE's expandable text field
    • The Quiz editing screen no longer has text running under fields
    • Fixed a Javascript error on redirect when using the Moodle upgrade process
    • Fixed an issue with a missing string 'Modulename,Mod label' error while moving Label resource on the Site Front page
    • Fixed a line-breaking issue with checkboxes in the attendance activity
    • Personal menu no longer includes messages from deleted users
    • Snap button hover states are more visible and accessible for low-vision and keyboard-navigating users*
    • Fixed an issue where the Course Name overlaps in edit mode when resizing the browser window*
  • xpLor Integration
    • xpLor was renamed to Blackboard Open Content
    • Implemented support for alternative authentication such as Mahara or Open ID using the Snap login*
    • Fixed an issue where the "Blocks editing on" and "Reset Dashboard for all users" buttons were missing in the Default Dashboard page with Snap theme*
    • Fixed an issue where alerts in the Snap personal menu were not working
    • Fixed an issue where the course name overlaps in edit mode when using Snap and resizing the browser window*
  • X-Ray Integration
    • Logging was added to X-Ray reports to demonstrate usage
    • X-Ray now displays a message when a forum has no posts*
  • Third Party Plugins
    • Editing a duplicate activity no longer changes Collapsed Topics format
    • Fixed the use of a double colon in the title of Attendance views*
    • Fixed an issue in Attendance where the string "Page" was not being properly translated*
    • Fixed an issue where Turnitin 2 Assignment links were breaking after a course restore*

Release notes identified by an asterisk (*) were added after the original announcement on June 22, 2016.