This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

Within documents, you can create new custom HTML elements with the editor.  When you add an HTML object to your course, the actual content appears. The HTML object doesn't appear as a file link that users must select to view the content. 



Add custom HTML or CSS

In Ultra Course View, when you enable an alternate domain for your site, you can now use custom HTML or CSS in a document.  Select Add HTML as a new block to embed an inline third-party HTML editor in the document. You can write or paste HTML code into the editor and select Save. The encoded HTML will be sent to Learn within BbML for persistence. The HTML will be denoted in the BbML with a new data-bbtype. If you load previously created BbML containing HTML in read-only mode, the HTML will be loaded from a separate domain in an iframe.

A new CodeEditor package handles all of the imports required by the third-party editor and standardizes the editor configurations. The package will otherwise simply wrap the editor's method for injecting itself into a DOM element. Directives and plugins that embed the editor on the page will depend on the package.