Access the Test or Survey Canvas

On the Test or Survey Canvas, you can add, edit, and delete questions. You can also add question sets or random blocks, reorder questions, and edit a test or survey's information before students submit attempts.

After submissions exist, you can't add a question, modify the number of questions in a question set, or change a random block definition or options. You may be able to delete questions.

More on deleting questions

Access the Test Canvas in these ways:

  • Grade Center > test or survey column heading menu > Edit Test
  • Control Panel > Course Tools > Tests, Survey, and Pools > Tests > test's menu > Edit
  • Content area > test's menu > Edit the Test

Edit, delete, or reorder questions

To make a change to a question, access the question's menu on the Test or Survey Canvas and select Edit.

Even after students submit attempts, you can delete questions. All affected test submissions are regraded and all affected survey results are updated. The question numbers update automatically.

On the Test Canvas, select the check box for each question to delete, and then select Delete and Regrade.

On the Survey Canvas, select the check box for each question to delete, and then select Delete and Update Results.

At the top of the page, you're alerted that you can't delete questions if a test or survey has attempts in progress. The Delete and Regrade function is removed.

Change the value for test questions

You can change the possible points awarded for answering questions correctly in two ways. For both ways, new grades are recalculated for all previously submitted tests.

If you set the points possible to less than 1, letter grades may not be assigned correctly.

  1. On the Test Canvas, select a question's current points.
  2. In the Update Points box, edit the points, set the question as extra credit, or give full credit. To remove a question's extra credit or full credit designation, clear the appropriate check box. You can't set extra credit or partial credit for questions unless you chose the options on the Question Settings page.
  3. Select Submit or Submit and Regrade.


  1. On the Test Canvas, select the check box for each question you want to change.
  2. Preceding the questions list, type a number in the Points box.
  3. Select Update or Update and Regrade.

Reorder questions

Questions are numbered automatically in the order you add them. The question numbers update when you reorder or randomize them. Therefore, use caution when you refer to specific question numbers in the questions' text.

On the Test or Survey Canvas, you can use the drag-and-drop function to reorder questions. Press the arrows next to a question and drag it to a new location.

Or, select the Keyboard Accessible Reordering icon. Select a question and use the Move Up and Move Down icons to adjust the order.

Only new test attempts are affected by the changed order if the test isn't set to display questions in random order. Attempts already submitted retain the order as originally viewed by students when they took the test.

Delete a test or survey

You can delete a test or survey before or after you deploy it in a content area. Access the test or survey's menu and select Delete. If students haven't attempted to take the test or survey, you may safely delete it from the content area without any loss of data. You have removed it from the content area only. The test or survey remains on the Tests or Surveys page where you can edit, redeploy, or delete it from the system.

If no students have taken a test or survey and you delete it on the Tests or Surveys page, it's also removed from the content area.

After you delete a test or survey from a content area, you can deploy it again. No connection or shared data exists between the first and second deployments.

If students have already taken a test or survey, you can make it unavailable rather than delete it.

If you try to delete a test with attempts, a warning appears with these options:

  • Preserve scores in the Grade Center for this Test, but delete all attempts for this Test. You can delete the test from the content area. Grades for this test will remain in the Grade Center, but the attempts will be deleted. You won't be able to view any of the students' responses or grade any questions after the deletion. The action is irreversible.
  • Remove this content item, the Grade Center item for this Test, all grades for this Test, and all attempts for this Test. You can delete the test from the content area and erase any record of the test from the Grade Center. All records of student performance are removed permanently. The action is irreversible.

On the Tests or Surveys page, you can permanently delete tests or surveys. If Delete doesn't appear in a test or survey's menu, you have deployed it in a content area. You need to delete a deployed test or survey from the content area before you can delete it from the Tests or Surveys page.

Tests and surveys that haven't been deployed don't appear in the Grade Center, so when you delete them, the Grade Center isn't affected.