The Due Dates feature let you know about upcoming coursework. Course items show in Due Dates only if your instructor specified due dates for them.

    Due dates for all courses

    Tap the main menu icon and select Due Dates to see upcoming course items with assigned due dates for all of your courses. Work is color coded by course and grouped by day and week. You can quickly see what's due and prioritize your work.

    Tap an item in the list to see details or to start working.

    Due dates for individual courses

    While you are in a course, tap Due Dates in the Course Overview to see course items with due dates in the next two weeks for that specific course.

    The list is divided into sections. Due Soon shows items due in the next two days. Coming Up shows items due in the next two weeks.

    Tap an item in the list to see details or to start working.

    To see due dates for all courses, tap the back arrow until the Menu button appears. Next, select Due Dates.

    Which items show in due dates?

    These content items appear in Due Dates for Original courses:

    • Tests
    • Assignments
    • Discussions
    • Blogs
    • Wikis
    • Journals
    • Surveys
    • Self and peer assessments are visible in the main menu's Due Dates area only. These items will be visible in Due Dates within courses after an upcoming building block update*

    When you access Due Dates on the main menu, Blogs, Wikis, Journals, and Surveys are visible in the list but you can't open these items right now. An upcoming building block update* will provide full functionality. When you access the same items from Due Dates within a course, you can open the items.

    These content items appear in Due Dates for Ultra courses:

    • Tests
    • Assignments
    • Discussions

    These content items do not appear in Due Dates:

    • SCORM
    • LTI tools (3rd party)

    Statements about future development

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