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Sorting controls on Students tab – 3900.80

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Impact: Instructors

Grading large numbers of submissions without a way to organize them can be tedious. Now, instructors can apply various sorting options in flexible grading:

  • Submission date (oldest - newest) of latest attempt
  • Submission date (newest - oldest) of latest attempt
  • Last Name (A - Z)
  • Last Name (Z - A)
  • First Name (A - Z)
  • First Name (Z-A)
  • Student ID (ascending)
  • Student ID (descending)

The grading interface stores the most recently used sorting option. If an instructor stops grading an assessment and resumes grading later, the last sorting option is applied.

Also, if sorting the submissions by last name or grading status, the chosen sorting option carries over into the grading interface.

Image 1: Sorting options as shown from Students tab in flexible grading

Sorting options as show from Students tab in flexible grading

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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