This information applies only to the Ultra Course View.

About hotspot questions

Hotspot questions present you with an image that requires you to drop a pin on one or more hotspots created by your instructor within that image. Hotspot questions are great for a variety of disciplines. In an anatomy course, for instance, you might be asked to identify parts of a body. In a geography course, to mark a specific location on a map. In a foreign language course, to select specific articles of clothing. In an ecology or biology course, you might be asked to identify which animal species or individuals belong to the corresponding habitat described by the main image, or don't.

Types of hotspot questions

You can find different types of hotspot questions in a test or assignment:

  • Standard Hotspot: It present you with an image that requires you to drop a pin inside of one or more hotspots created by your instructor within the image. You don't know where the hotspots are actually located.
  • Multiple Choice Hotspot:  It presents you with an image that requires you to drop a pin inside of one or more hotspots created by your instructor. You can see where the hotspots are located. One hotspot is correct and the other hotspots are distractors.
  • Multiple Answer Hotspot:  It presents you with an image that requires you to drop a pin inside of one or more hotspots created by your instructor. You can see where the hotspots are located. One or more hotspots are correct and the remaining hotspots are distractors.

Hotspots may or may not include descriptions, and/or be visible or hidden on the image, depending on how your instructor created the test or assignment.

How do I answer a hotspot question?

You no longer need to select a pin from the menu to answer a question. The first pin will appear on the canvas automatically when you select the image with the mouse. To add additional pins, select the pin icon from the toolbar above the image on the hotspot question, or the P  key.

You can find rectangular, circular or polygonal hotspot areas, depending on your instructor choice for the assessment.

Select hotspot using the pin icon above the question image
  1. Move the purple “pin icon” that was dropped onto the image to the correct location on the image.

    You can use keyboard controls to position pins.

Drop the purple pin icon over the selected section on the image to mark your hotspot selection

    The instructor may task you with identifying more than one item within an image. You have the option to add more than one pin to the image even if their is only one hotspot. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as many times as needed.

Depending on the question, you may need to mark more than one hotspot on the image
  1. In some cases, your instructor may show you the hotspots they created. When this is the case, one or more of the hotspots are distractors (incorrect answer options). You’ll need to ensure that you’re placing the pin on the hotspots that are correct.

  2. Select “Submit” or “Submit Late” if you’re done with the assessment.
  3. Select "Submit” to finalize your submission.
  4. Select “Close” to go back to the assessment details page.

How to save my answer for a hotspot question?

Pin placements are automatically saved as they are dropped onto the image, or repositioned.

What if I accidentally add a pin I don’t want to use?

You can delete a pin by selecting the pin and them select the “Clear selection” button above the uploaded image, or by using the delete key on your keyboard. Either option will delete all selected pins.

What keyboard shortcuts are available when dropping a pin on an image?

  • Use Tab and Shift+Tab to select pins
  • Use the P key to create a new pin
  • Use arrow keys to move pins
  • Use Alt or Option + arrow keys to move a selected pin by smaller increment (1 px at a time)
  • Use Delete to delete a selected pin

Watch a video about Hotspot Questions

The following narrated video provides a visual and auditory representation of some of the information included on this page. For a detailed description of what is portrayed in the video, open the video on YouTube, navigate to More actions, and select Open transcript.

Video: Hotspot Questions for Students

Accessibility and hotspot questions

The Product Ultra Team continues to work providing new accessibility enhancements and support for assistive technologies. Before, hotspot questions needed the use of a mouse and eye-hand coordination. Now, using a keyboard, you can:

  • Create a pin to mark a hotspot
  • Select a hotspot
  • Resize hotspots
  • Reposition hotspots
  • Delete hotspots

Keyboard interactions and shortcuts

  1. When you answer a hotspot question in a test or an assessment the focus will be on the “help documentation” link on the notification banner.

    Learn more about Rich Text Editor keyboard navigation.

  2. Press tab to read the keyboard controls to perform the following actions:
    • General Controls
      • Create a pin with the P key to mark a new hotspot
      • Select hotspots with Tab and Shift+Tab
      • Move a hotspot with the arrow keys
      • Use Shift +arrow keys to resize hotspots
      • Use Alt / Option + arrow keys to move or resize hotspots by a smaller increment (1 px at a time)
      • Select the Delete key to delete a previously selected hotspot
      • Zoom in with Shift+Z
      • Zoom out with Shift+X
      • Expand view with Shift+F
      • Close view with ESC
    • Rectangle and Circle Controls
      • Resize a hotspot with Shift + arrow keys
      • Add a new rectangular hotspot (when canvas is focused) with R key
      • Add a new circle hotspot (when canvas is focused) with C key
    • Polygon Controls
      • Draw a new polygon hotspot (when canvas is focused) with P key
      • Exit draw mode with ESC
      • Move a draw icon with the arrow keys
      • Move a draw icon with precision with Option/Alt + arrow keys
      • Add a new polygon point with Enter
      • Remove the most recently created point with Delete
  3. You can add a Rectangle, Circle or Polygon hotspot by selecting the button with the same label on the background image. The focus is moved to the created hotspot.
  4. Press the Delete All button to delete the hotspots created.
  5. Press Tab key to "Add additional content" to your answer.
  6. After all hotspots have been created, you can continue the navigation with the Tab key to active the “Save and Close” or the "Submit" options, to save your work.