Add images to your textbooks!

The Figure app is a responsive and accessible app that displays a textbook figure, with an image and a caption below. The app provides options for having the image be Left, Center, or Right aligned, as well as having the caption be Left, Center, or Right aligned. The app also allows for having a 1, 2  or 3 pixel border around the image.

Your site administrator must download and import the Figure Custom App before you can add it to your pages and connect.

Download the Figure app

This app is a WCM custom app that must be downloaded to use.

Add the Figure app

Drag the figure app onto your page.

Items marked with a red asterisk are required

Select the purple arrow to expand the panel, giving you more room to work!

  1. Select your file to upload as the image.
  2. Type the Alternative Text.
  3. Choose your Alignment: Left, Center, or Right.
  4. Choose your Border in pixels: 1px, 2px, or 3px.
  5. The Width and Height automatically populate based on the image you upload. You can change the dimensions here or in the upload process if needed.
  6. Type a Caption for the image.
  7. Choose your Caption Alignment: Left, Center, or Right.
  8. Select Save.