Site Administrators can download and import custom apps to their website. Once imported, administrators manage who has privileges to use the app.

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Import apps

After you download the app you want, import it.

  1. From Site Manager, select CONFIGURE.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Select Custom Apps.
  4. Select Import App and browse for the app ZIP file to import.
  5. After the app appears in the list of apps, select INACTIVE to make the app active and available for use.

After importing the app, you can import it again. Find the app in the list and select More.

Sharing rights for custom apps

By default, all editors can use the imported apps. To limit who can use them, assign sharing rights.

  1. From Site Manager select CONFIGURE.
  2. Select Apps and select Custom Apps.
  3. Find the app you want and select More.
  4. Select Rights.
  5. Select Assign Group or Assign User.
  6. Select the groups or users you want to assign.
    1. Type all or part of the group or user name.
    2. Select Search.
    3. Select the group or user you want.
    4. Repeat until you assign all groups or users.
  7. Select I'm Done.

Remove custom apps

When you are done with an app, remove it.

  1. From Site Manager select CONFIGURE.
  2. Select Apps and select Custom Apps.
  3. Find the app you want and select More.
  4. Select Remove.

Update custom apps

Regularly check to see if any updates have been made to the custom apps that you downloaded. Any apps that need updating, have the option to update.

  1. From Site Manager select CONFIGURE.
  2. Select Apps and select Custom Apps.
  3. Find the app you want and select Update.

Custom apps available for download

Choose the app you want and download the zip file to import.

Custom Apps
App Description Download
Content Accordion The Content Accordion is a responsive and accessible app that displays articles in a condensed way. This functionality is highly sought after for managing and organizing a high volume of articles and data. Each article has a title and detail that allows a user to input a wide range of content. On the front-end website, a user can select a single article to expand or collapse the article detail. A user can also choose to expand or collapse all article details at once. The Content Accordion uses WCM's tagging feature. This is perfect for districts that like to manage content from one app and then share and filter specific records across subsites.
Davis Demographics SchoolSite Locator Help your visitors find their school. With the Davis Demographics SchoolSite Locator app visitors enter their address and view the school boundaries for their district. This helps them determine the school boundaries they live in, and which school their students would attend.
EFP adNet Advertisement "Education Funding Partners (EFP) was created to be the only nation-wide social enterprise for U.S. public school districts. Our product, EFP adNet, is a digital advertising network that provides a streamlined customer experience for districts and scalable for advertising sponsors, providing a real and sustainable solution to the public education funding crisis.” Learn more about Education Funding Partners.

The EFP adNet Advertisement app in WCM displays ads at three different sizes: 728 x 90, 300 x 250, and 160 x 600. Districts must first register with Education Funding Partners before using the application in WCM. Register on the Education Funding Partners Blackboard page or from inside the application in WCM.

Google Folder The Google Folder App allows you to share a Google Drive™ folder on your Blackboard Web Community Manager pages.
Multimedia Gallery The Multimedia Gallery app is a responsive media gallery that displays images and embedded videos on any device and provides top-notch accessibility for all users. It allows for any size image to be uploaded, so no more strict image dimensions for a gallery. The gallery will assume the width of the container it is placed in and the height will scale proportionally for each image as the gallery transitions from one slide to another.
Peachjar eflyers Blackboard has partnered with Peachjar to provide your district with a way to further reduce paper and streamline communication with the Blackboard Web Community Manager Peachjar App. This app provides information for districts and schools who have an agreement in place with Peachjar to post and send district-approved flyers to parents.
TeacherLists student supply lists TeacherLists makes it easy to manage, find and share school supply lists. With the Blackboard Web Community Manager School Supply Lists custom app, teachers and other school personnel can display their TeacherLists Student Supply Lists lists on their webpages. They can also upload new lists to using the app.

    Request a custom app

    Web Community Manager offers a wide variety of apps. However, you may need something more specific to meet your needs. Blackboard's design and development teams work directly with you to create a highly customized solution that offers flexibility with a targeted experience.

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