Exporting and archiving courses have two distinct purposes in Blackboard Learn:

  • Export a course when course materials will be reused at a later time to teach a new set of students.
  • Archive a course to maintain a record of a course and the user interactions.

Exporting or archiving creates a course package in a ZIP file. User created export and archive packages will expire and auto-delete 30 days after the creation date. 

Restoring a course uploads the course package into Blackboard Learn.

You can import course or archive packages from recent older versions of Blackboard Learn into the current version. Blackboard guarantees forwards compatibility for at least six years. However, importing or restoring packages exported or archived from newer versions into older versions is not supported.

When importing or restoring a package, the decompression of the package will stop at 60GB. This is to prevent malicious packages, sometimes called "zip bombs," from negatively impacting the Learn environment.


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