Within Blackboard Learn, assessment and research staff can use a collection of tools and reports to analyze results of on-going assessment projects and institutional research efforts. Assessment and research staff can track evidence collection, rubric performance, and survey results.

  • Survey Results: Review detailed results of Enterprise Surveys that have been sent out. Results can be grouped by course, academic unit, demographics, and even question results.
  • Goal Coverage Details: Review how courses in your system are covering goals across all of the courses. Information can be broken up to look at how specific categories of goals are covered as well as how specific courses are covering those goals.
  • Relationships Between Goals: If relationships have been established between goals this report lets administrators understand these relationships. For example, this report may help convey how program goals relate to strategic planning goals defined for the institution.

If your institution licenses outcomes assessment, you can access this additional report:

  • Analysis of Collected Evidence and Program Evaluations: This report shows how evidence collected from courses has been evaluated against a preselected rubric. If additional program evaluations have been completed, this report also provides the ability to view comparisons of course to program level results.