Turn any content region into a tabbed widget with the Tabbed Widget Builder app. All apps in the region are included in the widget, unless its header is turned off. You can customize the app color scheme and it's a responsive app that turns into an accordion when viewed on mobile devices. 

Download the Tabbed Widget Builder app

This app is a WCM custom app that must be downloaded to use.

Add the Tabbed Widget Builder app

Drag the Tabbed Widget Builder app onto your page.

Items marked with a red asterisk are required


  1. Select Edit.
  2. Choose your color selections for text and tab colors.
  3. Select your accordion breakpoint size.
  4. In the Options tab, edit the app name and, if you are not ready to share the information, clear the Activate on my page option.
  5. Choose your sharing options for the app.
  6. Select Save when finished.

Edit the app

  1. From Site Manager, navigate to the page with the Tabbed Widget Builder app.
  2. Select Edit to update the widget settings.
  3. Select the app name to update the app title.
  4. Use the move icon to drag the app to another location on the page.
  5. Use the trash icon to delete the app.
  6. Select Save.