Nämä tiedot koskevat vain alkuperäistä kurssinäkymää. Oppilaitoksesi määrittää, mitkä työkalut ovat käytettävissä.

With Quiz Bowl questions, students are presented with an answer and they provide the question. Student responses must be in the form of a question that begins with an interrogative, such as who, what, or where. For example, the statement, "It is the only country that is a continent," requires the answer, "What is Australia?"

Add instructions to the initial statement that ask students to respond in the form of a question. Remind students to use a question mark. Incorrect end punctuation results in no credit for the response.

Quiz Bowl questions are graded automatically.

When you create a Quiz Bowl question, you provide these parts:

  • The statement that students that students can provide the question for
  • All possible interrogatives the question could begin with, such as who, what, where
  • All possible correct answer phrases, including variations in spellings, plurals, and common abbreviations

The system scores the question. A correct response contains one of the interrogatives you added, immediately followed by any one of the phrases you added, including end punctuation.

Create a Quiz Bowl question

  1. Access a test, survey, or pool. From the Create Question menu, select Quiz Bowl.
  2. Type a statement that students can provide the question for.
  3. Select the Number of Interrogatives from the menu. You can add up to 103 interrogatives.
  4. If necessary, type or edit the interrogatives. Select Remove to remove interrogatives.
  5. Type the answer phrase. Optionally, select the number of answer phrases if more than one is needed. The maximum number of answer phrases is 100.
  6. Optionally, type feedback for correct and incorrect answers.
  7. Select Submit.

Partial credit

You can allow partial credit for Quiz Bowl questions. Partial credit rewards students whose answers demonstrate they know some of the material.

You must enable the options to specify partial credit on the Question Settings page to use them for individual questions.

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