SchoolChapters is now HMH Portfolio by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

The only ePortfolio platform to span the education spectrum - from pre-K through career - HMH Portfolio provides innovative solutions, services, and resources that enable educators, learners, and professionals to easily collect, reflect, and showcase educational and learning achievements as well as manage their professional identity.

HMH Portfolio provides users across an institution, from administrators to students, the ability to easily create portfolios around the objectives that matter to them. Whether you are managing and assessing student learning outcomes, working to align evidence to key standards for accreditation or concerned with employability, HMH Portfolio meets your needs with ease, all within the Blackboard Learn platform.

HMH Portfolio and Blackboard Learn

HMH Portfolio provides institutions with one solution that easily aligns data to any outcome, standard, or objective, while also providing a rich student-centered experience. Combined with an advanced Blackboard Learn integration, the result is highly accessible data available for tracking, reporting, and employability.

The HMH Portfolio Partner Cloud integration is available for clients that currently license Blackboard Learn 9.1, SPs 10 and higher. The integration is also available via a separate Building Block for institutions licensing Blackboard Learn 9.1, SPs 6 through 9.

Your administrator can download and install the Partner Cloud Building Block, which includes the option to implement the HMH Portfolio integration, at no cost. However, a license must be purchased for instructors and students to access the integration. Institutional, department/program or student licensing options are available. Pricing bands will vary depending upon the licensing model: institutional, departmental, or student.

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Features and benefits

  • Deep integration: Single sign-on, assignment synchronization, and gradebook integration allow instructors and students to manage all portfolio processes from within Blackboard Learn.
  • Complete portability: Students benefit from unlimited cloud-based storage and the ability to manage their portfolio inside and outside of the LMS, from institution to institution and post-graduation.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface: Sleek, modern display enables easy uploading, tagging, alignment, and sharing of data. Evidence can be featured in multiple portfolios and shared on social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Anytime, anywhere access: Web-based technology and responsive design ensure a superior experience inside and outside Blackboard Learn and across all browsers and mobile devices. In addition, students can work on portfolios offline through a free mobile app.
  • Support for standards, rubrics, and badges: HMH Portfolio supports formative, summative, authentic, direct, competency-based, and standards-based assessment. Users can grade on preloaded VALUE Rubrics, imported rubrics, or custom rubrics. Instructors can also create and distribute digital badges to further demonstrate learning achievement.
  • Security and privacy: Role-based permissions restrict access to data based on user type, context, and relationship.

How do students purchase access to HMH Portfolio?

Currently, for student-pay licensing models, students will purchase access codes to HMH Portfolio at their school bookstore (physical cards with access codes are issued; digital access codes can be distributed as well). HMH Portfolio does have ecommerce capabilities as well, but the enablement of this functionality is handled on an account-by-account preference, as most schools prefer students to use the bookstore so they can apply financial aid towards the purchase. This capability is not currently offered via the HMH Portfolio ecommerce functionality.