Optimize your mobile engagement!

The Blackboard Mobile Communications App allows your district and school to have your own mobile app for your staff, students, parents, and community members. Communicate with all your district and school followers through their mobile devices.

You will also be able to send push notifications using the Send Message interface directly to your community through the mobile app.

Why Blackboard Mobile Communications App?

Enhanced parent experience - Working with your Student Information System (SIS) data, parents will be able to view each of their children's academic standings. Provide parents with the information that need to be proactive with alerts on attendance, grades, assignments, an more. This app goes beyond the basics of the school news stream and calendars by including a tip hotline and direct links to social media. Use the app to advertise important community events!

Integrates with your communication tools - Provide parents with direct access to important pages and website through your app. Plus, notifications for the entire community or targeted individuals appear as app notifications.

Seamless integration with third-party vendors - Your organization will have access to dozens of third-party integration including Peachjar, BusBoss, e~Funds for Schools (EFS), and Nutrislice. You can provide parents with cafeteria and library balances, lunch menus, bus schedules, and online flyers to upcoming events.

Academics on-demand - Parents will be able to view current, completed, and upcoming student classes, grades, assignments, and tests - anytime, anywhere!

Customizable for your district and school needs - Use the Blackboard Communications HQ interface to configure your mobile app just as you would configure any of the tools in the Community Engagement Solution. Select the icon buttons that will be available; configure feeds and calendars; set a staff directory and super intendant biography page; and determine how long content such as grades will be available.

Want to include detailed student information on the app, such as cafeteria balances, library fees, report cards, and current GPA? You can upload additional student data to appear on the app for logged-in users.

Configure the app to meet your needs.

As an administrator, you can set the school contact information and demographics for each school in your district, modify the buttons on the app, set calendars, and include the Tip Line for the app.

Some settings are global - which means they are set once and cover all the apps available in your district organization. Other settings you can make at the district level or for each individual school.