The text editor (v5.9.1) is now updated with some cool new features listed below:

  1. Accessibility checker that lists accessibility issues and corrective actions.
  2. Spell checker and suggestions prompt during typing.Customise your spell checker settings:
    1. Hover over the notification at the bottom right corner of the editor to show the Settings button.
    2. Select the Settings button to customise your spell checker options
      1. Default language
      2. Ignore options
  3. Advanced code editor.
  4. Accessibility standards compliant colors for text color.
  5. Check list option for text.
  6. Template Style renamed as Featured Content.
  7. Quick access to bold, italicise, hyperlink, and add headings by selecting the text within the editor.
  8. Add images from inline images.
  9. Case toggle button.
  10. Embed Youtube and Vimeo videos on your page using the Insert Media button.
  11. Options to insert date and time in the text.