SmartView Advisor Desktop is the interface that allows advisors to access a 360-degree view of a student so that the advisor is best equipped to respond to the needs of the student by answering questions and resolving issues the student may have, or by escalating issues to other staff who may be better equipped to address the issue. The 360-degree view of the student is powered by SmartView and by integration with school systems that store the information needed to address the needs of the student. Advisor Desktop provides direct access to data, automates complicated processes, and elevates both the advisor and customer experience.

Use Advisor Desktop to:

  • Look-up, create, and edit caller profiles
  • Access a 360 degree view of the call so that you may respond to his/her issue correctly and efficiently
  • Track issues for students by generating cases, and providing the correct solutions
  • Access the Knowledge Base to solve cases
  • Look-up previously opened cases to use as reference or update