Welcome to Teacher Communications!

The Blackboard notification system created just for teachers.

With grading assignments, preparing students for tests, and meeting academic standards, teachers are busy. Communication is key, but who has time to type up 20-60 messages out to parents and students? Definitely not teachers. Teacher Communications is here to help.

No teacher setup. Your class rosters and groups are automatically populated for you. You can start messaging right away!

Select from a list of pre-made messages that cover a wide range of topics. Pre-made messages about missing assignments, academic achievements, and sport events are already available. No need to recreate the wheel!

Not seeing a message you need? You can create your own messages or newsletters.

Select recipients from any of your classes. You can easily select parents, students, one class, all classes — whatever you need.

Contact recipients at their convenience. Messages will be sent to students and parents via email or text messages.

Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) messaging system! Write your message once and select as many delivery options that are available to your school.

Global translations available. Communicate with all parents, regardless of language barriers. Teacher Communications allows for automatic translation into over 70 languages!

Send personalized messages about academic progress. You'll have access to student information such as attendance, schedules, and assignments.