Granular Content Copy - Improvements to Legacy Content – 3900.50

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Ultra Experience
Ultra Course View
Impact: Administrators

In the past, we used a type of file storage called Legacy Content in Original courses. When a user deleted the course content items, Legacy Content could become orphaned.

When upgrading an Original Course to the Ultra Course View, the process could retain the Legacy Content. Legacy Content may also increase with the use of Granular Content Copy feature. Storage and course copy performance could be affected. The Legacy Content folder is not available for user access in SaaS.

Starting with this release, Legacy Content will move to the Content Management System. Administrators will have access to a new ‘lost and found’ folder in the Course home folder.

Courses affected by this issue will see a reduction in Legacy Content in the course size report.

For administrators: Please review the files in the new "Lost and Found" folder. Move the files to permanent storage or discard them.

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