Ally 2.3.7 | Release to production 31 August 2022

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Microsoft Immersive Reader new Alternative Format

Ally's vision to create inclusive environments encompasses integrations with state-of-the-art learning tools, providing learners with the best way to consume content. We are excited to announce that we have integrated the Microsoft Immersive Reader as the new Ally Alternative Format.

Preview of the Immersive Reader Alternative Format in Ally. The right panel is open and shows the functionalities like text size, spacing, fonts, and themes.

This will provide learners new ways to access and improve their comprehension of learning content by providing tools to:

  • Change font size and text spacing.
  • Change the contrast between the text and the background color.
  • Learn spelling and grammar by splitting words into syllables.
  • Highlight verbs, nouns, adjectives, and sub-clauses.
  • View a picture dictionary.
  • Increase reading speed with line focus.
  • Convert text-to-speech (both male and female voices).
  • Translate content in real time.

You can seamlessly access this Alternative Format online without any need to install plugins or download content. Immersive Reader currently is only available for Ally for LMS and will be enabled by default to all existing clients. If you need to disable it, this new Alternative Format is also available in the Ally Feature Flag configuration.

In addition, the Translated version Feature Flag also turns off the translation capabilities of the Immersive Reader, which does not affect your existing Ally configuration.

More information about Microsoft Immersive Reader.



Ally 2.3.7 Bug fixes and improvements

  • We have updated our Ally website with information about the Immersive Reader integration.
  • Fixed an issue where the Alternative Formats in a Canvas course were not displayed correctly on pages.