Granular Course Copy - Copy from Original - 3900.32.0

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Ultra Experience
Impact: Instructors

Instructors now have the option to copy content from Original courses to an Ultra course. This enhancement to course copy provides efficiencies and greater flexibility for reusing content. This will save time and reduce frustration when building a course.

The course copy procedure and process remain the same. The Copy Content menu now includes both Original and Ultra courses. Instructors may choose to copy all or select content. If the system encounters a problem with content copy an error report will appear. The details will provide more information about why the content failed to copy.

Supported content types are as follows:

  • folders
  • documents
  • tests, including group tests
  • assignments, including group assignments
  • links to websites
  • SCORM packages
  • discussions and journals

More detailed information on supported content types is available.

Granular content copy from Original now allows selection of individual files

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