You can set where messages will be sent based on the type of message.

Set delivery preferences

  1. From the Blackboard Communications HQ interface menu, select Settings > Global Settings.
  2. Select the Delivery Preferences link.
  3. Set the preferences for each of the delivery methods:
    • Check all the message types that will be sent to the delivery method. Examples include Emergency, Attendance, Balance, Survey, and Other.
    • Check the Required line if the category must be sent to the delivery method.
    • Check the Fallback line if you want to ensure a backup phone number, SMS line, or email address is used when the first does not reach the individual.

      Check out the Setting Up Delivery Preferences video.

  4. To add more communication type, select the Add a Label icon next to a specific label.

    Use this feature to add primary phone numbers, work numbers, or mobile numbers.

    • Type the New label for phone/SMS/email.
    • Select Add.
    • Set the preferences for the new communication type in each category.
  5. Select Save when finished.