Basic LTI is a open standard for linking a tool provider (example - Blackboard Collaborate) to a tool consumer (example - D2L or Sakai). Any LMS that supports bLTI can connect to a tool provider that supports the bLTI standard. For more information on Basic LTI please visit the IMS Global Learning Consortium website.

Why would we want to use it?

  • Allows common tools to be used across multiple LMS systems.
  • Increases options for students and instructors when selecting learning applications.
  • Reduces support costs, by providing a clearly defined interface between the LMS and the tool.
  • Requires no software installs or upgrades.
  • Enables software as a service (SaaS).
  • Enables mash-ups of applications within the LMS or portal.
  • Spurs innovation that improves education.

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