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Illuminate Editions

Anthology Illuminate is a “freemium” platform that provides some features as standard to Learn SaaS clients and a series of modular premium upgrades for those institutions that would like to take data-informed decision-making further. The features available to eligible Learn SaaS clients are packaged as Illuminate Included, and the premium upgrades are packaged as separate modules under the name Illuminate Enhanced. This help page documents the different features included in each tier and module.


Illuminate Included

Illuminate Included provides the following functionality across the two tiers of Developer and Reporting:


  • A Canonical Data Model (CDM) combining data from across your eligible licensed Anthology solutions and restructuring it for easier querying.
  • A Data Dictionary  that provides detailed information about every table and column in the canonical data model and the interactive Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs).
  • Access to Telemetry data from the eligible licensed Anthology solutions providing more granular click-stream data.
  • Read-only, direct access to query this database using standard SQL in Snowflake.
  • A self-managed service account that can be used to connect third-party solutions, such as BI tools to Snowflake.
  • 350 Snowflake credits per month.
    • A Snowflake credit is approximately one hour of query processing in Snowflake, and so over 11 hours per day of processing time in this quota are provided.
    • The number of credits remaining in the current month is shown on the Settings page.

Although Snowflake is used to provide Illuminate Developer benefits, not all Snowflake features are available and supported.

If the monthly 350 Snowflake credits run out, no queries can run until the credit count resets at the end of the month.


  • A suite of pre-built reports that are designed to support data-informed decision-making by end-users such as academic management, EdTech leadership and student support.
  • 30 Viewer seat licenses for read-only access to the reports.
  • Role-Based Access that enables securely limited access to reports based on a user’s role at the institution (e.g. Dean of Humanities can only access data from Humanities courses)
  • The ability to export data from each visualization in a dashboard.

As a cost-reduction measure, if Illuminate Reporting is not accessed for 30 days, the system will enter “sleep mode”, and must be “woken up” when a user next attempts to access a report.

Platform Capabilities

Illuminate Included features are subject to change at Anthology’s sole discretion.


Illuminate Enhanced

The following premium modules are available for clients to license, and provide additional functionality on top of Illuminate Included. This page will be updated as new modules and features are released.

Enhanced Reporting

  • Additional Viewer seats based on the package size purchased to enable broader deployment of the Included pre-built reports.
  • A number of Author seats based on the package size purchased enabling the creation of custom reports/dashboards that can be deployed alongside the Included pre-built reports.
  • Data Q&A functionality that enables Viewers and Authors to explore available data across curated "topics” and generate visualizations in answer to their questions in real-time and without technical expertise.
  • Currently, one topic is provided – Student Activity, Engagement and Performance
  • The ability for Viewers and Authors to create Subscriptions and Alerts in pre-built and custom reports.

Additionally, sleep mode (described above) is not applied to Enhanced Reporting.


The following information explains the modules and packages currently available to purchase in Illuminate Enhanced, and how they compare to the Illuminate Included features and entitlement.








Pre-Built records*YesYesYesYesYes
Compartmentalized ReportingYesYesYesYesYes
Custom Report CreationNoYesYesYesYes
Data Q&ANoYesYesYesYes
Author Seats0251020
Viewer Seats3050100200500

*Reports included are standard across all package sizes