Live data insights on engagement during the session 

Continuous Delivery Collaborate Ultra 22.06 | Release to Production: 14-21  April 2022 AU, 19-21 April 2022 all other data centers
New features

This feature will be released gradually to institutions between the 14th and the 21st for institutions in AU and between the 19th and the 21st for institutions in other data centers.

While teaching a session, it can be challenging for instructors to deliver the content, maintain the conversation ongoing, and be on top of the interest the attendees are showing.

The Engagement Insights Panel is a tool companion for moderators that shows with data how the audience is engaging while the session is occurring; opening the space to think on actions that may help keep or improve the energy of a session.

In this first release, instructors can see at-a-glance the most representative students' interactions: number of hands raised and the number of chat messages sent. The total includes both the main room and the breakout groups. As instructors increasingly engage students they’ll see the total count of those interactions rise. On top of this the “% of attendees” data gives them a more qualitative insight on how widely the engagement is spread. As instructors adapt their teaching in the session they can immediately see the result in the engagement numbers, and use it to assess what has the biggest impact to make the session participative. In each session, a tip gives instructors some short guidance on fostering engagement.

Instructors can challenge themselves to increase the total count and % from one session to the next.

Collaborate engagement insights panel open showing 22% of attendees raised hands and 11% posted chat messages

More on Session Engagement Insights documentation.