Activate Your Account

Your school will send you either a hard-copy activation letter or an activation email. The letter and email link contain a unique activation code you can use to create your screen name and password to sign into Edline.

Students, parents, teachers, and other users returning to the same school as the previous year with an Edline account will NOT have to reactivate the account. Use your previous screen name and password.

How to Start Your Activation

Watch a Tutorial

Activating an Account

If you received a printed letter from your school, access the activation process by completing the following:

  1. Access your schools website from your web browser and click Sign In.
  2. Click the Sign Up link, under New to Edline?
  3. Type your Activation Code and click Enter.
  4. In the Enter Your Activation Code page, make sure the activation code is yours (your name and school will be listed) and click Activate this Code.

If you received an email from your school, access the activation process by completing the following:

  1. Click the secured link available from your school's email message to start the Account Activation.
  2. On the Account Activation page, click Activate Now to get started.

Watch the video on the Account Activation page to learn more about Edline.

How to Complete Your Account Information

Parents, guardians, and other users with more than one activation code must still click New Account even if they have received several activation codes at the same time because they can activate them all at one time as they create their new account. After they have created their screen name and password by clicking New Account, they can then click Combined Accounts if they receive more activation codes later and want to combine them into their current account. To learn more, see Combine Accounts.

  1. Click I Agree on the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use page.
  2. In the Activate Account page, click New Account to create your user screen name and password if you have never created an Edline account before.
  3. Create your Edline sign in information by completing these steps:

    Use an existing email address as your screen name. That way it will be easy to remember.

    • Create your Screen Name. The name must be unique and be at least four characters long.
    • Create your Password and type it again in the Retype Password field.

      Passwords must:

      • Be a minimum 8 character length
      • Have at least one number
      • Have at least one uppercase letter
      • Have at least one lowercase letter
    • Update your Personal Account information by typing your First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name.
    • Click Continue to save your password and access the Manage Account page.
  4. Configure your initial account settings by completing the following steps:
    • Click the Edit link in the Basic Profile Information section. Type your Title and Homeroom information. Upload your picture to use on your school website by clicking the Upload button. School staff pictures will be used in the school directory, and students and parents (plus alumni) pictures can be used when adding comments to the school website.
    • Click the Edit link in the Email, Phone, and Notifications section to enter your email address or phone numbers. The fields available in this section depend on the notification system your school uses. The system will send you a confirmation email. Click Save when finished.
    • Click the Edit link in the Security frame of the User Management section. Create or select a security question to be asked if you forget your password. Type the correct response as the Answer. Click Save when finished.
    • Click Done when finished.
  5. Click Continue after reviewing the list of user guides.

After you activate your Edline account, anytime you want to sign into Edline, type your screen name and password to access your information.