Accessibility scores

Ally checks the accessibility of your new and existing content. To measure accessibility, Ally assigns your content an accessibility score. Each score is composed of both a numerical number and a colored gauge that reflects the number.

Typically, you should see your accessibility score within 15-90 seconds. This may take longer if your content is complex, or if you have a lot of course content and it is being assessed all at once.

Ally currently checks these file formats:

  • Web pages/ HTML content
  • Images
  • PDF files
  • Microsoft® Word files
  • Microsoft® Powerpoint® files
  • OpenOffice/LibreOffice files
  • Uploaded HTML files

Currently, there is no accessibility score for content created in the system content editor.

Accessibility scores are determined by the severity of issues in each file. A low score indicates the file has severe or multiple accessibility issues; a high score means there are minor or no accessibility issues. For accessibility scores less than 100 percent, Ally gives you suggestions for improving the accessibility of the file.

Score icons

Ícones de pontuação de acessibilidade do Ally

A pontuação varia de Baixa a Perfeita. Quanto maior a pontuação, menores são os problemas.

  • Baixa (0-33%): Precisa de ajuda! Existem vários problemas de acessibilidade.
  • Média (34-66%): Um pouco melhor. O arquivo é relativamente acessível e precisa de melhorias.
  • Alta (67-99%): Quase lá. O arquivo é acessível, mas é possível melhorar.
  • Perfeita (100%): Perfeito! O Ally não identificou problemas de acessibilidade, mas outras melhorias ainda podem ser realizadas.

Improve your score

Once you know the accessibility score, you can begin to explore the accessibility issues and improve your content to raise the score. Accessible documents are important for all audiences, and Ally gives you the tools to understand common issues and improve your course files.

Go to the Ally Accessibility report in your site manager. From the Accessibility issues table, find a specific content item with an accessibility issue. Select the content item's accessibility score indicator to open the feedback panel.

More on improving accessibility scores