Highlight your announcements with alerts

The Important Announcement app allows your district to add alert notifications along the top of a webpage where the app is placed. The app can be placed in any content region on the page. You control the colors - background color, icon color, text color, and link color - within the app for each alert. Choose a custom icon for your alert or choose an icon from the Blackboard Icon Library, as seen in the Template Configuration window in Web Community Manager.

Download the Important Announcement app

This app is a WCM custom app that must be downloaded to use.

Add the Important Announcement app

Drag the Important Announcement app onto your page.

Items marked with a red asterisk are required

  1. Type the announcement Title.
  2. Tick the Use Icon Image box if you want to include an icon with your announcement.
  3. Select where you want to pull the icon image from or upload a custom image.
  4. Configure your color settings for the announcement.
  5. Type the announcement text in the text editor.
  6. On the Tags tab, type a comma separated list of tags to associate with the record.
  7. On the Duration tab, choose your Start Date and End Date.
  8. On the Viewers tab, select specific groups or users to view the record.
  9. Select Activate on my page to display the article on your page.
  10. Select Save.