Large scale session

By default, sessions support up to 250 attendees. You can set up your session to support up to 500 attendees. From the session's settings, select Allow 250+ attendees to join before the session begins.

If you don't see this large scale session option, it may not be available in your integration. Your administrator can set this for you.

This option makes the session a webinar that supports up to 500 attendees. Not all features are available in webinar mode. These features are turned off:

  • Video: Attendees see a maximum of 2 videos at a time.
  • Participant permissions: Participants can't share audio, video, post chat messages, or draw on whiteboards and files.

    Moderators can choose to turn chat on DURING a session. Moderator permissions don't change.

  • Breakout groups: Breakout groups aren't available while in webinar mode.
  • Session closes at scheduled end: Attendees are removed from the session at the scheduled end time.

What if I want to let participants chat or use their audio?

If you want a single participant to share audio or video, post chat messages, or draw on whiteboards and files, promote the participant to presenter.

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